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Gur Para


Gurpara also known as gud Khurma or Gur Paare is another sweet snack from Bihari food and cuisine that is made of flour and deep fried in oil and coated with jaggery . Jaggery crystallizes to give a powedery outer texture. There is also a version of it in which sugar is used as a coating instead of gur, which is enjoyed in parts of Northern India called shakkarPara.

Among the very popular sweets and snacks, Khurma is often not given the spotlight that it deserves.It is sometimes known by “tikri” in some region.

Difference that we have is to bring the product from the place of origin which has no substitute otherwise in taste and originality.

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Main Ingredients Fine Wheat Flour, Jaggery, Aniseed, Edible Vegetable Oil
Shelf Life 20-30 days. Products are made fresh and then packaged to maximise shelf life.




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