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Khowa Tilkut / खोआ तिलकुट


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Tilkut khowa is a sweet savoury made in the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. This is made of pounded ’tila’ or sesame seed and is available only in winters. A thick hard base of sugar of the size of a tennis ball is rolled in copious amount of sesame seed and then hammered to roll out in round shape. Later Khoa (condesnsed milk) is added to it which makes tilkut in cylindrical shape. The more the seed, the softer, better and amorphous it is.

Made of a mix of lintel, sugar, khowa in the right proportions and heated at an optimum temperature in cold but dry weather, skillfully hammered, the tilkut-making needs specialized skill found mainly in Gaya town.

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Disclaimer: Tilkut is a very fragile item so there is chance that Product will get 20 -25% damage during transit. 

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Product Details
Main Ingredients sesame seed,  khowa (condensed milk), Sugar, lintel
Shelf Life 5-10 days. Products are made fresh and then packaged to maximise shelf life.
Health Benefits
Details It is mostly consumed during winter season  as sesame seeds provide heat and energy to the body and help in beating the cold. It also results into strengthening your immunity during winter.

In Maharashtra general saying is: Tilgul ghya, Gud gud bola [Eat tilgul or tilkut and speak “sweet”]. So can we say that eating tilkut makes one speak sweet. Really? Let’s check it out this season.








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Ataur Rahman
Poor and deficient service

I have already mailed my reaction, please have a look. And kindly complete the order.


I received soggy/hawa-laga Tilkut. It was sourced from a reputed store in Gaya, Bihar and it was packed well and had not broken. Also, it was delivered on time. Unfortunately, the quality was not good :(

Ashok Kumar

Authentic taste after so long. Only complain is delivery that took 8 days.

Rajnesh Ranjan

Very nice and tasty

Rajnesh Ranjan

Very nice and tasty