The historically rich land of Bihar is equally famous for the plethora of delicacies that feature in its cuisine. The scrumptious and exotic Bihari dishes are highly capable of tingling the taste bud of every food connoisseur like Gay tilkut, Lai, Anarsa, Khaja etc.

We bring to you some of the must-try Bihari food dishes, dishes which are beyond the staple Sattu or Parval ki Mithai, which will surely leave you craving for more!

  • Gur ParaGur Para Quick View
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      Gur ParaGur Para Quick View

    • Gur Para

    • Weight: 400g
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    • Gurpara also known as gud Khurma or Gur Paare is another sweet snack from Bihari food and cuisine that is made of flour and deep fried in oil and coated with jaggery . Jaggery crystallizes to give a powedery outer texture. There is also a version of it in which sugar is used as a coating instead of gur, which is…
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  • Brown unpolished RiceBrown unpolished Rice Quick View
    • Brown unpolished RiceBrown unpolished Rice Quick View

    • Brown unpolished Rice

    • Weight: 2000g
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    • Brown rice, can be identified by the short grains,the length usually being between 5.0 mm and 5.5 mm . Good quality rice has firm and intact grains- features prevalent in the rice. The sweet taste and natural flavour rice will compel you to come back for seconds and thirds of your rice meal. All the nutrients in the whole grain…
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