Gaya - BIHAR

Kesar Tilkut / केसर तिलकुट


Kesariya Tilkut of sesame seeds is a sweet cracker made by mixing the seeds with sugar – that is indelibly linked to Gaya.

TILKUT is a CRUNCHY , TRADITIONAL SWEETS, and is best made in Gaya (Bihar) by skilled professional , tastier delicious to eat.

Tilkut is especially made and ate during “Makar sankranti” festival,the harvest festival . This is also known as “Tilkatri” and it is loved dessert for all ages.

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Disclaimer: Tilkut is a very fragile item so there is chance that Product will get 20 -25% damage during transit. 

Weight: 400g
Shipped fresh in 2-3 days
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Product Details
Main Ingredients sesame seed,  khowa (condensed milk), Sugar, lintel, Saffron
Shelf Life 15-40 days. Products are made fresh and then packaged to maximise shelf life.
Health Benefits
Details It is mostly consumed during winter season  as sesame seeds provide heat and energy to the body and help in beating the cold. It also results into strengthening your immunity during winter.

In Maharashtra general saying is: Tilgul ghya, Gud gud bola [Eat tilgul or tilkut and speak “sweet”]. So can we say that eating tilkut makes one speak sweet. Really? Let’s check it out this season.








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Weight 400 g
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