Gaya - BIHAR

Brown unpolished Rice


Brown rice, can be identified by the short grains,the length usually being between 5.0 mm and 5.5 mm . Good quality rice has firm and intact grains- features prevalent in the rice.
The sweet taste and natural flavour rice will compel you to come back for seconds and thirds of your rice meal.

All the nutrients in the whole grain are negatively affected by milling, and the more polished the grain, the greater the loss. Though brown rice may not look appealing at first look as sometime it contain black, is harder to chew, and requires longer to cook, its nutritional benefits may fairly be said to far outweigh these disadvantages. It is rich in fiber, many important vitamins, and a host of antioxidant molecules, besides the health effects of resistant starch. It should be exploited as a cost-effective way to supply healthy carbohydrates and reduce metabolic risk from refined carbohydrate consumption, besides its antitumor, immunostimulatory, antidiabetic and cardiovascular effects.

Weight: 2000g
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Main Ingredients Native Brown Rice
Shelf Life More than 3 months. Products are packaged to maximise shelf life.




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Weight 2000 g
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