Makana – The Super Food

Makhana or phool makhana are basically roasted and popped seeds of Fox nuts or lotus seed. It is also known as gorgon nuts in many countries such as Korea, Japan & Russia etc. Fox nuts seed or gorgon nuts are belong to an aquatic flowering plant or crop called Euryale Ferox salisb which mainly grown in stagnant water of wetland or shallow water bodies, ponds, tanks, lakes & ditches etc that must have a certain amount of organic detritus accumulated at the bottom.


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Taste Hisalu ..Its not what you are thinking.

Do you belive that name tells a lot of someone personality. But , its not always right. If you dont believe me, then let me try. Does Hisalu sounds like some Non-veg item to taste? No, its not. My Sunday ventures are never futile… Ahhh… I am so happy to find these yellow berries of Uttrakhand named Hisalu.

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